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Subbing Little Busters ~Refrain~

Dat wink.
                                                                                       Dat wink.

For those of you that want to know, I recently joined with a bunch of other people and started a fansub group for the second season of Little Busters!

First off, I am one of the two translators in the group,the other being Shcboomer (A real bro along with everyone else).

I am a HUGE Little Busters! fan along with the rest of my team…  We have all been waiting for Refrain to start airing for about 2 years now, so this project is something very dear to us.

We can assure you that we treat our releases with absolute care. ❤ These are going to be archived in my hdd, after all. haha

Anyways, theres not much else to say but i definitely recommend taking a look at our subs and making a  judgement for yourself! If you haven’t read/watched Little Busters then… GET ON THAT!